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Company meetings and trainings in Průhonice

Most companies organized corporate meetings and trainings from time to time for their employees. For this purpose it is necessary to arrange suitable, representative spaces. We present you the ideal place, directly created for corporate events. Of course, the most lucrative city is Prague. The restaurant V Holi is located in Průhonice. In addition to the closed restaurant there is also a garden and comfortable accommodations, which you can use for your employees. Průhonice Corporate Events will be really successful. For each event, the most important thing is place where it will be held. Choose really well, only then will the result really be worth it.

General information about the city district

Průhonice is a city district which belongs to Prague. Every year many tourists come here because Průhonice provides excellent leisure facilities. Tourists will especially appreciate the excellent transport access, by car you can best get there by highway D1 - Exit 6, approximately 6 km from Prague. It is on the outskirts of Prague. Průhonice is also easily accessible by public transport from Prague from metro C - Opatov station.

First, let us outline what Průhonice actually represents. It is a beautiful part of Prague, where Průhonice park is located, covering an area of 250 ha. The park was founded in 1885 by Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva-Tarouca. Unique stands of trees and groups of trees and shrubs can be found in the park. There are also meadows, ponds, creeks and oxbows. The Park has art-historical significance, but it is also valuable thanks to some exotic wood species. Průhonice park invites you to a unique walk around the surroundings with which you can easily combine a corporate event or even a birthday party.

Průhonice is not only dominated by a beautiful park and dendrological garden. The major attractions undoubtedly include Průhonice Castle and its Romanesque church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. V Holi Restaurant and Guesthouse is located in the identically named square. In Průhonice there is also a multipurpose playground for children, who can have fun here and a skateboard park for older children.

Restauace v Holi
Restauace v Holi

V Holi Restaurant will please you

The newly renovated restaurant in Průhonice will surely impress you at first sight. You will feel really comfortable here, as the kind and smiling staff serve you. If you're interested, the helpful staff will be happy to advise on what will interest you. Get a recommendation on some of the excellent local specialties. Czech cuisine prevails on the menu, but lovers of Mediterranean and exotic cuisine will surely find something as well. The owners strive to ensure that each customer finds what they are looking for. If you like Czech classics, you can enjoy a delicious sirloin. Some people prefer fish or something stronger. Every person has different tastes and therefore the menu is very varied to satisfy the individual palates.

Průhonice corporate parties will entertain you. Christmas is approaching, corporate events and parties are part of the pre-Christmas period. Every bigger company, if the budget allows, organizes corporate events. Christmas is the most beautiful period of the year. Corporate parties are part of the Christmas season, often including thematic events. The most important is to choose a suitable place where the corporate events will be held. Corporate events need to be held in a place where there is a restaurant with a larger space, accommodation and last but not least, pleasant surroundings. V Holi restaurant, which is located in Průhonice, provides everything you need.

No party would not be complete without music, whether playing live music or music from the radio, music creates the ideal atmosphere. The highlight is of course the feast. Excellent catering makes an impression on the staff. Good food is the foundation of every party. V Holi Restaurant will offer you the perfect environment and atmosphere. Delicious food is a matter of course. You yourself can choose what food will be served in advance. Apart from the à la carte menu, you can taste the local specialties.

The restaurant carries out social, wedding and music events, which will become an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Celebrate your birthday in style

Restauace v Holi
Restauace v Holi
Are you planning a birthday party? Having a birthday celebration in Průhonice will be the best place that you can take advantage of. Why Průhonice? It is a beautiful part of Prague, which consists in particular of Průhonice park. Weddings and various events are often hosted in the park. V Holi Restaurant stretches out near Průhonice park, bringing you the best service concerning hospitality and accommodation. Whether you are going to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other important anniversaries, know that what matters most is the place where the event will take place.
A birthday party undoubtedly represents a significant life event. Particularly if it is a significant anniversary, such as round numbers. Birthday celebrations are frequently hosted by the relatives of the honoree who either have their favorite restaurant, or would like to try something new. A birthday celebration at Průhonice is the ideal solution for picking a location where the celebration will be held. The guests at each birthday party should be provided with good food, but also an entertainment program that appeals to each honoree.

The very foundation of birthday celebrations is also formed by the decorations that should trigger pleasant emotions in guests and create a pleasant atmosphere. For a festive atmosphere it is a good idea to decorate with balloons, lanterns or decorative garlands. Such decoration is especially suitable for children. Adults more appreciate flowers and lighting. Of course, by prior arrangement the restaurant allows you to decorate according to your imagination. The most important thing is to make you feel at home.

Accommodation for the honoree and guests

Part of the celebration and the party should also be comfortable accommodation. Many of the guests probably will not come from Prague and its surroundings. Additionally, after a lively party it is perfect to go straight to bed. V Holi Guesthouse in Průhonice offers comfortable accommodation in practically furnished rooms. One is designed for newlyweds. Others are decorated in a classic style. Rooms are cozy, in order to top off the ideal atmosphere for visitors of the guesthouse. The rooms are very comfortable and have everything you need. If you wish, you can order breakfast straight from bed. There is nothing more enjoyable. Průhonice corporate parties will thus be entered into your memory for years.

The helpful and reliable staff will be happy to cater to all requirements, even the most unconventional. The most important thing is the satisfaction of our guests, who will happy to visit V Holi Restaurant regularly, or recommend it to their loved ones.