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Salmon tartar with capers and toast 100 g     155 Kč
Beef carpaccio with basil pesto and parmezán 80 g    165 Kč
Chicken liver with onions, variation young lettuces 100 g    119 Kč
Grilled prawns in spicy olive oil with vegetables and garlic 6 p    155 Kč
Roast beef with plum sauce and a variety of young lettuces 100 g    145 Kč


Beef broth with vegetables and noodles    39 Kč
Tomato soup with parmesan cheese and basil pesto    45 Kč

Something to beer

Pickled Spicy sausage 1 p    38 Kč
Pickled camembert cheese with chilli 1 p    69 Kč
Roasted pork belly in its own fat 150 g    79 Kč
Grilled sausage from the chimney 200 g    89 Kč
Variations of smoked specialties 200 g    99 Kč
Selection of cheeses 200 g    99 Kč
Grilled wings in bbq sauce, herb baguette 10 p    149 Kč
Roasted chicken wings with garlic dip 10 p, herb baguette    149 Kč
A bowl of chicken and pork schnitzels with lemon, bread 300 g    179 Kč
Grilled pork ribs in plum marinade, herb baguette 600 g    179 Kč
Roasted pork knuckle with mustard and fresh horseradish 1000 g    195 Kč
Beef burger in a sesame bun with vegetables, red onion, spicy sauce and french Fries 180 g   179 Kč
Beef burger with bacon, egg and french Fries 180 g     179 Kč
Beef tartare with egg yolk and toasts 150 g     195 Kč


Romaine lettuce with chicken, parmesan cheese and light pastry croutons    145 Kč
Mixed vegetable salad with olives and marinated feta cheese     135 Kč
Lettuce salad with goat cheese, walnuts and honey dressing    155 Kč
Lettuce salad with green beans, egg, tuna in oil
and mustard dressing    155 Kč

From the grill and pans

Gnocchi with sheep cheese and fried bacon    99 Kč
Gnocchi with smoked pork and sauerkraut    99 Kč
Wild mushroom risotto with parmesan cheese     109 Kč
Gnocchi with Pork Tenderloin, zucchini and parmezán 100 g    119 Kč
Tagliatelle with pieces of grilled salmon creamy wine sauce 100 g    119 Kč
Marinated chicken breast with „Calvados“ sauce and mashed potatoes 200 g               165 Kč
Salmon steak with herb pesto, roasted tomatoes and jasmine rice 200 g     245 Kč
Pork medallions with Tyrolean bacon, onion marmalade, wine sauce and potatoes au gratin 200 g    225 Kč
Pork chop marinated in spicy red oil garlic and mashed potatoes 300 g    189 Kč

Flank steak with glazed shallots and potato gratin 200 g   265 Kč
Sirloin steak wrapped in bacon, served with grilled zucchini and potatoes with sour cream 200 g   335 Kč

Czech classics

Confit  duck with braised cabbage and variation of dumplings 1/4               149 Kč
Pork roasts with braised cabbage and potato dumplings 150 g    119 Kč
Beef sirloin in cream sauce with dumplings and cranberries 150 g    129 Kč
Beef goulash with dumplings and onions 150 g    119 Kč
Fried cheese with homemade tartar sauce and boiled potatoes 120 g    119 Kč
Fried blue cheese with homemade tartar sauce and boiled potatoes 120 g     135 Kč


Boiled potatoes with butter    35 Kč
Mashed potatoes with onion    35 Kč
Roasted potato with sour cream    40 Kč
Potatoes au gratin    45 Kč
French Fries    40 Kč
Jasmine rice    40 Kč
Grilled vegetables    65 Kč
Stewed vegetables    55 Kč
Dumplings, potato dumplings     25 Kč
Bread    25 Kč
Toasted baguette with herb butter    40 Kč

Pancakes with nutella and banana    75 Kč
Pancake with ice cream and strawberries    75 Kč
Vanilla crème brulée    80 Kč
Chocolate cake with strawberries and green pepper sauce    85 Kč