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Svatba v Průhonicích
Wedding in Pruhonice

Wedding in Pruhonice

Organization of wedding receptions in Průhonice

The reception is an integral part of any wedding, and it is necessary to attach great importance to its preparation. But choosing the place where the wedding will be held is not always easy. If you are from Prague or the surrounding area, then you will certainly be interested in Průhonice restaurant and guest house, which bears the name of the restaurant V Holi. This place is perfect for a wedding reception for two reasons. Not only on account of the fact that they cook well there, but also because you can accommodate your guests there. Don’t forget that the wedding banquet is basically the highlight of every wedding.

First rate wedding receptions

You will probably agree that the food is one of the most important parts of wedding receptions. You can have a great atmosphere, superb music and beautifully decorated tables, but if the food underwhelms, the overall impression is somewhat embarrassing. For a sure thing, bet on a wedding in Průhonice. It is a newly renovated restaurant in which you will feel very comfortable. The staff tries to maximally accommodate guests and are happy to recommend local specialties. If you opt for a wedding reception at this restaurant in Průhonice, the staff will go through the entire menu with you ahead of time according to your requirements. The choice is really varied, apart from Czech classics, guests can also enjoy Mediterranean and exotic cuisine.

V Holi Restaurant is spacious and will be reserved only for your wedding guests on the day of your wedding reception, so you can thoroughly enjoy your big day. Of course there is a nice atmosphere and level of service. Your wedding at Průhonice will be a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Receptions in Průhonice, not only for the demanding

Wedding tables should be perfectly arranged and the entire feast must have order. The menu is, of course, arranged in advance. At V Holi Guesthouse, we place emphasis on high quality, fresh ingredients. The perfectly trained staff provides professional service with quality service, which will be available to you at all times. In addition to the menu, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages as well as excellent coffee are also on offer.


Svatba v Průhonicích
Wedding in Průhonice

Do not forget to prepare

However, it is important that you think everything over in advance and make arrangements with the operator of the restaurant. They will help you when setting up the ceremonial tables. You can choose Czech cuisine in the form of a favorite soup with liver dumplings and beef tenderloin. These days, wedding guests are turning away from these classics and prefer more unusual dishes. Keep in mind, however, that the guests will probably have different tastes, and, for example, someone may not like Oriental cuisine. Naturally the staff will be happy to advise with the selection of the menu, and recommend what dishes are the most popular. Every little thing plays an important role in a wedding reception. Usually a number of individual courses are selected. You can determine in advance the approximate budget for food and, of course, especially for drinking.

Don’t forget the accommodation

A wedding in Průhonice, it's not just entertainment, but also accommodation. V Holi Guesthouse will provide you with comfortable accommodation for your wedding guests. The joining of receptions and accommodation is very practical because you will not have to deal with transporting guests and it will also make an impression on the wedding guests. Průhonice wedding receptions may be topped off with a relaxing night in the modernly furnished rooms where you’ll feel right at home.

The individual rooms are nicely furnished and equipped with everything you need. There is obviously a room for newlyweds to properly enjoy their first honeymoon night. The dominant feature of the room is a large double bed in which you will feel like in paradise.

The other rooms are also very cozy. Ensure maximum privacy. If you wish, you can order breakfast straight from bed. Treat yourself and your guests to the best and rely on professionals. Your wedding in Průhonice will be an unforgettable experience for all involved.