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Průhonice Castle

The history and present of Průhonice Castle

The neo-Renaissance Castle, which is surrounded by a large park, beckons tourists not only from the Czech Republic, but also abroad. The history of the Castle probably dates back to the 14th century, when the Gothic castle of the Lords of Říčany stood there. At the beginning of the 16th century, a stone fortress was built onto the original Romantic church.


Zámek Průhonice
Zámek Průhonice

Průhonice Castle has gone through many changes in the past. Originally it was a Medieval Gothic Castle, which stood on a rocky promontory and under which Botič Brook flowed. The castle was built near a Romanesque manor, from which only the Romanesque Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is still preserved. Průhonice Castle passed through many different owners during its existence. For example, Zdislava of Průhonice, Bohuslav of Průhonice or the Lords of Říčan.

In the 19th century Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva - Tarouca became the owner, marrying into it. He had it rebuilt into its present form, and also founded a large park there, where there are many rare specimens. The romantic face of the park was imprinted by many park ponds and small buildings. Thus, it took 300 years before the castle acquired its final shape. Part of Průhonice Park are also the valuable gene pool collections, which are located in the Botanical Garden at Cottbus and dendrological items (collection of pinecones). Also noteworthy is the beautiful collection of rhododendrons.

Průhonice Castle in the present

Průhonice Castle is a short walk from Prague and is only partly open to the public. Some spaces are used by the Czech Academy of Sciences. Visitors can view a permanent exhibition called "Průhonice Castle and park - a work of nature and the human spirit." This work is dedicated to the founder of Průhonice Park, Count Tarouca. In 2010, the park became part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. The castle offers the possibility to organize various social events, including weddings.

Wedding ceremonies at Průhonice Castle

Stylish wedding ceremonies are also organized in the castle. Every woman wants to have their wedding at a castle and feel like a real princess. A wedding ceremony is an event whose preparation cannot be underestimated. The most important decision comes in selecting a suitable site. Where will the actual ceremony be? Průhonice Castle is the perfect venue for your big day. It symbolizes a dream wedding because it offers not only the beautiful rooms of the castle, but also a romantic park where you can unique wedding photos taken.

In addition to the beautiful interiors of the castle itself, you can use the wonderful park surrounding the castle for pleasant walks and relaxation. Although the Czech Republic is very rich in castles, a perfectly matched composition of a romantic castle and most beautiful castle park, which belongs to UNESCO, is rarely found.

After the ceremony, you can hold your wedding reception at the renowned V Holi Restaurant, which is located near the castle. V Holi Restaurant is newly renovated and offers a pleasant environment and a wide range of the best specialties. Upon agreement with the owner of the restaurant, you can choose your ceremony right here. It's very practical, because you'll have the ceremony and reception in one place, there are no worries about relocating guests. In addition, the entire event works out financially more advantageous.